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What Makes an Excellent CBD Oil for Dogs


You know that there is something wrong with your pet dog if she does not meet you at the gate when you come home from work. If she prefers to stay alone, there must be really something that is troubling her. Just like humans, dogs get sick too.

In case that you suspect your dog to be sick, the best thing to do is to bring her to the veterinarian. This way, your dog will be diagnosed correctly. With a diagnosis, you may now be able to choose which CBD oil is best for your dog. There must be a CBD oil at healthcanal.com that suits your dog’s condition.

But what makes an excellent CBD oil for dogs? Here’s what you should look for.


THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis. Although some claim that it is toxic to dogs, there is not much study to support THC’s negative impact on dogs. To be on the safe side, it is best not to use CBD oil with THC on your dog. You should always check on the label if a CBD oil contains THC or not.

Lab Test Results

An ideal CBD oil for dogs should show proof that it has undergone microbial, heavy metal, and pesticides test. This will assure you that the CBD oil is devoid of pathogens and harmful chemicals. The lab tests should have been conducted by third-party laboratory.

dog2Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum CBD oil does not contain THC but is has other helpful elements like terpenes and other cannabinoids. This means that your dog will be able to derive more health benefits. This makes it better than isolates which only contains CBD.

Organically Grown Sources

CBD oil from cannabis or hemp that are not grown organically may fail in independent lab tests because of the pesticides. But it is better to know that the source of CBD oil are grown organically which means that use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides was avoided.

cbd treats for dogsDifferent Forms and Flavors

Each dog has its own preferences. You should have noticed when administering medicines before. Does your dog take pills? Or does she find liquid better? You may also know the preferred flavors of your dog. This way you may know what CBD form and flavor your dog love the most.

Clear Dosage Instructions

An ideal CBD oil for dogs should have clear dosage instructions to follow. This will avoid overdosing or under dosing which may interfere on the effects of the CBD on your dog.