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Signs of Slow Metabolism

People with slow metabolism have to work extra hard to lose or maintain their weight. The Inability to shed weight despite getting enough sleep and biting the gym might be due to slow metabolism. It is not good to diagnose yourself, visiting your doctor for a thyroid test is necessary. Using metaboost connection will help you learn how to boost your metabolism. Here are some common signs of a slow metabolism:

Craving of Sugar

According to doctors, slow metabolism is often associated with insulin resistance, which is a metabolic condition that simply means your cells are resistant to insulin. The role of insulin is to regulate how your cells metabolize energy. Constant craving for sugar and carbohydrates is a sign of insulin resistance.

Your body is not utilizing insulin properly, then your body can’t absorb the glucose in your body. This creates a huge problem, you will eat more sugar and refined carbs, the body won’t process them. There will be excess fat, reduced weight energy, and feeling tired.

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A slow metabolism can lead to digestive issues such as poor digestion, heartburn, leaky gut, and malabsorption. Slow metabolism affects the bowel transit time which can cause constipation. The food in the intestines will take time to be digested and you will experience abdominal discomfort.

Hormone Imbalances

Hormones play important roles in our bodies. They are responsible for major changes, especially in women’s bodies. Hormones affect your hair and skin due to a lack of enough nutrients being absorbed by your body. Some common changes in your nails are; brittle nails and increased ridges to your nails. Slow metabolism greatly affects hormones that make the hair grow and regenerate.

This again is due to a lack of sufficient micronutrients in your body. You will notice that your hair grows weak and eventually fall out. Thyroid disorder is mainly caused by slow metabolism. The thyroid gland helps to regulate the reproductive hormonal functions. If the reproductive hormones are not produced as they should, you are likely to experience a lot of cramping than usual and other menstrual problems.

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Weight Gain

When you have unexplained weight gain it is usually hypothyroidism that slows down the metabolic rate in the body. This is the biggest sign of slow metabolism. It occurs when you are eating well and exercising but still, you are gaining weight.

If you weigh more you burn more calories even when resting. This means people who weigh more should have a higher metabolism not slower. If you notice sudden unexplained weight gain make sure you talk to your doctor to find the best treatment. You can also explore more options for better nutrition and exercise.